4 Simple Tips To Improve Donor Retention and Engagement

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 2/15/17 2:41 PM

You just completed your new donor acquision campaign, and new donors are finally sending in their first gift. Now, after spending significant amounts of money acquiring these donors, you have to worry about their retention rates.

How can you get them to give a second gift?

How are you going to make sure they stay engaged?

To help your nonprofit excel in its mission, we compiled four simple tips that will help you engage your donors and keep them donating:

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Can Technology Help You Build Extraordinary Donor Relationships?

Posted by Leslie Biggins Mollsen on 2/10/17 9:05 AM

In this age of Twitter, Snapchat, Crowdsourcing, Facebook, etc., we need to keep our focus on the essentials of donor development: building relationships and strengthening stewardship opportunities with current and prospective donors. Vehicles to achieve these bedrock principles of development may come and go, but the principles will not change.  

As professional development people, we must always ask ourselves whether an advance in technology helps or hinders our efforts in knowing our donors and their deepest philanthropic interests better or whether we are spending our time and getting very little return on investment.

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4 Strategies to Get Millennial Volunteers to Stick Like Glue to Your Nonprofit

Posted by Shari Tishman on 1/28/17 10:00 AM

Would you say you are supremely satisfied with your organization’s ability to engage millennial volunteers? Yeah, neither are we.

The problem, however, is not with millennials themselves. According to the 2013 Millennial Impact Report from Achieve, 73% of millennials volunteered for a nonprofit in 2012. Clearly, this generation is not against getting involved.

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5 Tips to Inspire Donor Generosity

Posted by Bonnie O. Meyer, CFRE on 1/23/17 10:41 AM

Let’s face it.  There’s nothing we can do to convince a stingy person to become generous.  It’s beyond our powers.  And thankfully, it’s not our job!

When we ask donors to fund worthwhile causes, we relate primarily to people who already have a tendency to be generous.  Our work involves connecting these generous individuals with missions and ministries they care about.

And yet.

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Tips to Use & Habits to Lose: Social Media and Telling Your Nonprofit's 'Story' Correctly

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 1/14/17 10:03 AM

No longer is your digital presence just important, it is absolutely vital to your communication strategy.  It is no longer a should, it is now a must.

Here are some tips and habits to lose to make your nonprofit's communication strategy superb in 2017.

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