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Abridged: The New Nonprofit Law for Dummies

“This tax plan isn’t a catastrophe, but rather a catalyst for nonprofits to remember who they are—problem solvers that fix with compassion, not money chasers who see potential donors as pinatas to beat and barrage.” [NonProfit Pro]

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How Millennials Are Changing Philanthropy

“It’s important for organizations to recognize the differences in how millennials behave, what their preferences are and why these qualities give them an outsized influence on the philanthropic space -- and the workplace. Millennials are receiving thousands of messages each day and getting involved in multiple-cause pursuits. They are also distracted, multitasking and frustrated by the status quo. Marketers speaking to them must adjust their messages to meet these conditions.” [Forbes]

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How to Inspire Donors Across Generations

“The changing of the guard is as old as time. It can be a bumpy road if you don’t plan for it. The older donor generations can feel pushed out of the very causes they helped launch. Meanwhile, the younger generations cry out for change and inclusion. How do you reach across the generations and bring everyone to the table?

“Compare the four primary generations of donors—Mature, Boomer, Gen X, Millennial—and you’ll see there’s more that unites us than divides us.” [Network for Good]

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“When we serve the poor and the sick we serve Jesus. We must not fail to help our neighbors, because in them we serve Jesus."

– Rose of Lima

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