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GOP tax plans pose $13 billion threat to charitable giving. Will lawmakers listen?

“With healthcare reform hung up in the Senate, Congress and the Trump administration are apparently shifting their primary legislative focus to tax reform. Without modifications, however, Republicans’ leading tax-reform proposals are likely to reduce charitable donations by over $13 billion annually. One hopeful sign is that senior officials now recognize this looming problem. But even though the charitable sector is in broad agreement on a straightforward solution, it remains far from clear that those leading the charge on tax reform have decided to adopt this solution.” [Philanthropy Daily]

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BEAM’s Smart Button Makes Causes Go Viral

BEAM Authentic (BEAM), a new self-expression and social impact platform, has created an interesting way to bridge the digital and physical worlds that, if widely adopted, has the potential to both measurably increase our passion for public issues and turn that passion into physical action. It’s called a BEAM. A BEAM is a small, round, lightweight “social wearable” (think of a digital, dynamic, connected smart button) featuring an outward-facing display screen connected to a free app that dovetails on social media. It is the only wearable whose content (Beams) is entirely intended for others to see and interact with. What you’re “BEAMING” is meant to be synonymous with what you care about most.” [Huffington Post]

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3 Reasons a Blog Is Crucial to Your Nonprofit

“One thing I’ve been surprised to find throughout my career is just how effective blogging can be for nonprofits. Every major organizational announcement goes through their blog and onto every social media platform.

“After witnessing the benefits, I can’t imagine why any nonprofit would forego such an easy and useful tool.” [Capterra]

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Taken up to heaven, Mary shows us the way to heaven, the way to life.

- St. Pope John Paul II

Turning Facebook Likes into Donors

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