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Wealthy Americans Say New Tax Policy Won’t Deter Giving; Advisors Disagree

“In the wake of new tax policy, many professional advisors anticipate their wealthy clients will reduce their giving. Contrarily, the majority of high-net-worth Americans intend to maintain the same level of philanthropic giving this year, according to a report released Thursday by U.S. Trust.” [Barrons]

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Working With Baby Boomers

“Everyone who has worked on lots of planned gifts from Baby Boomers, hold up your hands.

“Just as I thought.

“Sure, there are gift plans that fit. Lead trusts in some cases. Term-of-years CRTs. Deferred payment gift annuities. Virtual endowments.

“The writer hasn’t seen more than a few window shoppers and at most only a couple of buyers among Baby Boomers.” [The Sharpe Group]

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Today, July 24th, is the last day for NCDC members to submit mail-in entries of good fundraising practice for the 2018 Lumen AwardsThursday, July 26 is the last day to submit an entry for electronic categories. 

Hard copies must also be received by Thursday, July 26.

We want to see what you, the Catholic fundraising community, are doing and let it shine before all! Click here to view entry guidelines and more information.


How to Use the Power of the Phone in Your Fundraising Strategy

“These days, there’s so much interest in new channels and the latest next “new shiny thing,” but did you know that there’s one medium you use everyday that has evolved tremendously over the past few years?

“That medium (the one that you’re holding in your hand right now or the one that’s very nearby!) is the ultimate key to retaining your donors: it’s your phone! [The Catholic Fundraiser]

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“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows."

– Saint Francis of AssisiNew call-to-action

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