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[Opinion] Every Person Counts: Why the Census Must Be Rescued

“Protecting democratic institutions and values is a crucial mission for philanthropy. That means expanding voting rights, making representation more inclusive, connecting impoverished communities with the resources they need, and so much more. But none of that happens without protecting a fundamental pillar of democracy: the census.” [Chronicle of Philanthropy]

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: How male and female donors differ

“There are a host of differences between men and women, aside from just which planet they presumably come from. When it comes to giving to a specific cause or organization, males and females tend to differ in their donation habits.” [Results Plus]

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Donor Journey Disrupters—Facebook, Amazon, Google and More

“At a time when many are warning of a shrinking donor universe, many fundraisers are focused on the importance of an effective donor journey. At the heart of building more successful long-term relationships with supporters is the marketer’s ability to make decisions about key considerations, such as what content to serve, what to ask of each constituent, when they should receive it and in which channels.” [NonProfit Pro]

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“These, my much loved ones, are the bequests which I leave to you as my sons; have charity among yourselves; hold fast to humility; keep a willing poverty."

– St. Dominic

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