An Important Message From Sr. Georgette Lehmuth, OSF and NCDC

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on May 10, 2019 1:45:11 PM

This past year NCDC celebrated its 50th anniversary.  At our Annual Conference there was such a spirit of togetherness.  It was a time for remembering the past and celebrating the present.  We also talked about embracing our future as a community that shares the common mission of the Gospel.

Although our mission as an association has not changed over the years, our organizations, our Church, the nonprofit community and our world has changed in many ways since 1968.  NCDC has adapted to the changing needs of its members by diversifying our programs, providing more resources and advocating on behalf of our membership in a number of different ways.

For several years, NCDC has struggled financially as an organization. The Board of Directors has come to the conclusion that we can no longer financially sustain our mission under our current organizational structure. Therefore, we will be closing our Washington, DC office on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.  However, our shared mission and community is soon to re-emerge as part of a larger umbrella organization, The Nonprofit Alliance (TNPA).  

As part of this larger nonprofit community, we will still be able to continue to learn, stay informed, network with each other in the context of faith. While we will be closing one door, we will be opening another door that will continue the mission for which NCDC was originally founded. More excitingly, we will be able to expand that mission to be more inclusive of those who like us, minister in faith-based organizations.

Although we will not have an Annual Conference this fall, we will be inviting you to gather with us next Spring for the TNPA Conference where you will still have the opportunity to partake in breakout sessions that focus on fundraising as a ministry. 

At this time, we would also like to thank our staff, who will be leaving us on May 15. We wish them our very best. They are: Aneshia Hughes, Sharon Unterreiner and Nicholas Whims.

During this period of transition, please feel free to contact Sr. Georgette via her email at

This is a moment of regeneration and new life for us.  We hope all of our members will choose to join us as we re-emerge to begin our next 50 years.



Sr. Georgette Lehmuth, OSF
National Catholic Development Conference


Shannon McCracken
The Nonprofit Alliance

P.S.  The Nonprofit Alliance formed in 2018 to be a unifying voice, and to promote, protect, and strengthen the philanthropic sector.  Sister Georgette and I, along with our board leadership, are working together to create a supportive faith-based community within TNPA that honors the legacy of what NCDC has built.  We look forward to bringing these ideas to you and welcoming you as a new member of TNPA. - Shannon

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