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Kn Moy

Kn Moy

Kn Moy is the Senior Fellow for Philanthropy Innovation at the nonprofit DXM Institute for Changemaking Innovation. Over the past decade, as direct response fundraising results have continued to decline, Kn has been driving the testing and implementation around a new and breakthrough fundraising approach for next gens — known as DXM or Donor Experience Management — with both nonprofit organizations and agencies serving nonprofits around the nation. He was recently invited to join the faculty at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana/Purdue Universities (IUPUI).

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Creating Tomorrow’s Breakthrough in Fundraising

Posted by Kn Moy on 1/25/19 8:37 AM

It was one of those “aha moments” — an unforgettable, connect-the-dots moment, when everything suddenly, somehow changed. It was, without question, the most transformational epiphany in my professional life.

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Want to Optimize Your Fundraising? Walk in Your Donor's Shoes...

Posted by Kn Moy on 10/29/18 10:06 AM

It’s that Halloween time-of-year. So, grab your mask and try this very simple exercise with your fundraising team.

The Halloween mask is to allow you and each of your team to become someone else for a little while.

Forget who you each are … and put yourself in the shoes of your donors.

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Understanding and Retaining Your Donors in an "Experience Economy"

Posted by Kn Moy on 10/12/18 8:34 AM

Few things impact fundraising results as much as the changing attitudes and behaviors of donors as our nation’s economy evolves.

Today’s donors aren’t the same donors of the last century when direct mail fundraising success rates peaked. Just how much donors and their behaviors have changed over the past 50 years can be easily recapitulated in the evolution of the morning cup of coffee for America’s consumers.

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Why Baby Boomers Are Upending The Fundraising Landscape

Posted by Kn Moy on 3/3/17 10:15 AM


This is an era of great uncertainty for fundraisers. As one career fundraiser recently said to me, “Nothing works like it once worked. It’s like the ground has shifted under my feet, totally upending things as I once knew them.”

If you look across today’s marketplace, what marketers do to engage customers has changed almost beyond recognition compared to a decade ago. Apart from information technology, it’s hard to find another discipline that has evolved so quickly. Tools and strategies that were cutting-edge just a few years ago are quickly becoming obsolete. New marketing approaches are appearing every day.

Yet, if you’re the average fundraiser, you’re probably fundraising the same way you fundraised in the last century, except that you’ve added another fundraising channel — the Internet.

Today, the average fundraiser is asking more and receiving less — and watching every fundraising success metric continue to decline.

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