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Mary J. Foley

Mary J. Foley

Mary J. Foley is the managing director of Mission Advancement, a division of Christian Brothers Services that provides fundraising, organizational development, communications and stewardship services to Catholic not-for-profit organizations.
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How To Strengthen Your Board and Increase Your Fundraising Potential

Posted by Mary J. Foley on 12/5/18 9:31 AM

You have the greatest board in all the world. They are clear about their mandate. They don’t micromanage. Their skills and passions are suited to your current challenges and strategic opportunities. They work effectively as a team, demonstrate integrity and a strong work ethic, and are constantly on the lookout for future leadership. And regardless of their committee assignments, they aggressively pursue fundraising opportunities. RIGHT?

We hope so, but often enough we hear of frustration with board members, questions about their dedication, and annoyance with their hesitation to embrace their fundraising role. Are they trying to drive you crazy? Likely not. But they are sending a clear message – they may not be ready, willing, comfortable, or equipped to take on the level of leadership you need.

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