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How Small Nonprofits can Benefit from the NCDC Conference

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 7/27/18 8:36 AM

How Small Nonprofits Benefit at NCDC

For 50 years, the NCDC Conference and Exposition has been the leading opportunity for organizations and individuals to connect with one another in the context of fundraising as a ministry. Our attendees come from religious organizations across the United States and around the world, and they collectively raise hundreds of millions of dollars annually to support Catholic missions.

But not all of the attendees come from large organizations with endless resources. In fact, many come from development offices of fewer than three employees. If you are heading to NCDC this year from a small nonprofit, there are many ways that you can benefit from all that is offered.

Discover these helpful suggestions for how you can increase the success of your fundraising campaigns without increasing your staff.

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Learn tips from fundraising experts to utilize in any office

You don’t need to have a large office to implement successful fundraising campaigns. Our conference presenters have experience in fundraising for ministries of all sizes and can offer tips and advice for you to implement in your office without needing a large development staff. Whether you’re trying to grow your donor file, learn how retain donors digitally, or anything in between, there is a session to help and inform you.

Attend the Small Shops Affinity Group Meeting

Affinity groups at the conference were created to provide a networking opportunity for our nonprofit attendees to share with professionals in similar workplace situations. The Small Shops group is designed specifically for organizations with a development director and no more than two additional staff. Even the smallest organizations have the power to make a large impact in their communities! Join the group as they share new ideas and discuss how to make the most out of limited, but valuable resources.

Learn from other small organizations

Many of our attendees comes from small organizations and are eager to share what has worked in their offices. As you meet your fellow attendees, you will discover that even small organizations can make a big impact with a great fundraising strategy and dedicated staff. By facilitating these personal relationships with similar groups, your opportunity to learn will extend beyond the conference into normal life. In this way, the NCDC community reaches further than just the conference. 

Maximize your efforts with the latest technology

The Exhibitor Showcase serves as a platform for exhibitors to introduce attendees to new creative and innovative ideas that their company offers. It could be new technology, software, resources, program, strategy, or the results of a study. There are countless ways to increase efficiencies in your development office regardless of staff size, and the exhibitor showcases are a great place to start. Connect with the exhibitors themselves, as it might prove useful to bring them in as additional training for your staff. Though small, if you invest in worthwhile products and training for your staff, your organization will reap the benefits of their increased productivity. 

Discover endless possibilities in the Exhibit Hall

When you aren’t attending educational sessions or engaging in conversations with other attendees come visit the Exhibit Hall! The Exhibit Hall is available for anyone looking to network with colleagues and vendors from all around the nation. Our exhibitors are businesses that specialize in the latest trends and technologies to help support your mission and reach your fundraising goals.

The NCDC Conference and Exposition is a chance to grow your fundraising efforts and increase the success of your fundraising campaigns – even for small offices. Our attendees, presenters, and exhibitors share knowledge, tools, and experience which benefit organizations of any size.

There’s still time to register for the 50th Annual NCDC Conference and Exposition! Visit our conference website for more information about what to expect and how to sign up.

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