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Introducing Our New Digital Resource — Donor-Advised Funds 101

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 2/22/19 8:32 AM

iStock-876410958-1What are donor-advised funds and how can nonprofit organizations encourage donors to give through this tool?

Donor-advised funds (DAF) are a popular tool for charitable giving among many donors today. They offer donors an easy and secure way to invest and grow their money tax-free, and distribute it as they see fit to their favorite charities. It is imperative that charitable organizations learn to identify which of their donors hold these giving accounts, and discover how they can encourage them to make regular gifts using this tool.  

To learn more about how donor-advised funds work and how you can maximize the charitable donations that come from donors holding these accounts, explore our digital resource. 

Explore the digital resource, Donor-Advised Funds 101!

With this resource, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about what a donor-advised fund is and how they work.
  • Discover insights into donor-advised fund account holders and their giving behaviors.
  • Receive best practices for donor-advised fund stewardship, and learn what you should and should not do to maximize gifts and improve donor experience.

We hope that this resource will be insightful and help you further your mission! If you're looking for more opportunities to grow as a fundraiser and sharpen your knowledge of the latest tools and trends, check out our workshop series. Gain expert advice from fundraising professionals, who present on various topics throughout the year. We hope you'll join us!

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We invite you to explore our digital resource page — Donor-Advised Funds 101 — to learn best practices for engaging with donors who use donor-advised fund accounts. 

 Explore the Resource