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Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Fall 2018 Workshops

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 9/20/18 10:08 AM


Fall 2018 Workshop season is almost upon us! We’re excited to continue researching and examining an innovative approach to Catholic fundraising.

Maybe you have questions about what it really means to thrive as a Catholic nonprofit, or maybe you're wondering if you're really nurturing your donors the way that you should? Whatever your pain point, we're here to help.

In other words, our Fall 2018 Workshop season will cover the research and topics that you, as a Catholic fundraiser, need to understand. But don’t take our word for it, read the topic descriptions and discover the workshop in a city near you.

Baltimore/D.C. - Thursday, October 11, 2018: It's Really About the Donor: Building, Nurturing, and Enhancing Donor Relationships

Have you ever considered the way in which your organization builds and enhances donor relationships? Your donors value certain goals, and your job is to understand those specific goals! Strategically examining and comprehending a donor’s motives is crucial for effective messaging, nurturing, and ultimately, retaining donors.

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Cleveland/Detroit - Thursday, October 18, 2018: The Generosity Boom Is Here: The New Rules for Fundraising with America’s Wealthiest Generation

Are you taking into account that Baby Boomers are larger than the previous two generations combined in your fundraising program? They control 80 percent of all wealth and 70 percent of all disposable income in America today. They spend more than any other generation and are already giving a third more dollars to charity than their direct-mail loving elders. It’s no surprise that there are new best-practices for nurturing your Baby Boomer donors.

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San Antonio - Monday, October 22, 2018: Creating a Strategic Fundraising Plan

Are you struggling to create a more effective, more dynamic, and strategic fundraising plan for next year? Never fear! We’ll point you in the right direction with  free tools and handouts to help your organization lay a solid foundation for growth. This workshop is your step-by-step guide to better and more sustainable fundraising.

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Greater St. Louis - Tuesday, October 23, 2018: Religious Fundraising: Shaping the Theology of Money

If you’re part of a Catholic nonprofit, you’ve probably considered the fact that your faith should inform the way you think about fundraising. In fact, there are philanthropic practices unique to religious institutions — these practices enable donors motivated by spiritual and religious values to experience the joy of generous giving. We’re here to dive a little deeper into this unique topic.

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If one of these topics interest you, we hope you’ll consider attending! If you’re unable to make it this time, be sure to check out other workshop locations across the U.S.

Don’t see a workshop nearby? Find one close to you on the full list of Fall 2018 Workshops!

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