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[New Resource!] Digital Donor Acquisition 101

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 4/23/19 12:47 PM


It's undeniable — the reach of digital spaces is rapidly growing. As a result, more and more fundraising professionals are connecting with prospective donors online. While developing a digital acquisition strategy can seem intimidating or overwhelming, there is no need to worry! With the number of tools available to fundraisers, setting up a simple plan of action is something everyone can (and should) do.

When talking about digital acquisition, there are five primary channels to consider. In our newest resource, we will lead you through each of these five channels, highlighting their capabilities and reach.

We will also walk you through five simple steps you can take to establish your program, and three keys to digital media success. To build your digital strategy and begin acquiring donors today, check out our resource — Digital Donor Acquisition 101: How to Grow your Donor File and Increase Revenue with Digital Acquisition Channels.

This resource will answer the following questions:

  • What does the donor acquisition journey look like?
  • Where do you start?
  • What channel should you specifically focus on?
  • How can you easily begin a donor acquisition program?
  • And how do you optimize your digital efforts to see the best return-on-investment?

Explore the digital resource, Digital Donor Acquisition 101: How to Grow your  Donor File and Increase Revenue with Digital Acquisition Channels!

We hope that this resource will be a powerful tool for your organization, allowing you to reach donors and nurture them along their journey from their first contact with your brand to life-long supporters of your organization. To assist you in all aspects of your fundraising ministry, NCDC offers several resources for furthering your knowledge as a fundraising professional. For more information on the latest tools and trends, attend a workshop near you, register for a webinar, and don't forget to subscribe to our blog. We look forward to connecting with you soon!


We invite you to explore our digital resource page — Digital Donor Acquisition 101 — to learn how to successfully leverage digital platforms and strategies to acquire and convert donors.

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