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[New Resource!] Using the Right Ruler: Measuring Results in Direct Mail

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 3/28/19 3:47 PM


Direct mail — as fundraisers we all use it, but that doesn’t mean we understand all the ins-and-outs of an effective mailing strategy. If Catholic fundraisers want to make the most of their direct mailing efforts, they must lean into both the statistical and creative sides of direct mail.

Direct mail is not dead. In fact, according to the last Giving USA Study, digital revenue for nonprofits accounted for 8.5 percent, whereas direct mail was about 80 percent. Direct mail works, but charitable organizations need to continue to collect and use data to make informed and responsive decisions. That is why we are excited to offer our newest digital resource — Using the Right Ruler: Measuring Results in Direct Mail.

Explore the digital resource, Using the Right Ruler: Measuring Results in  Direct Mail!

With this resource, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to design valid tests, which will help you determine the best direct mailing strategies for your organization.

  • Discover 9 rules for reading statistics.

  • Learn how to measure the results of your test and determine the best variable to use when evaluating your results.

  • Read about a real-life case study and see how one charity determined how they could mail most effectively.

We hope that this resource will be a transformative tool as you further your organization’s mission through your direct mail efforts. Growing as a fundraiser is a continual process, and NCDC offers several opportunities for furthering education. If you want to sharpen your knowledge of the latest tools and trends, attend a workshop near you! Workshops offer an opportunity to learn from industry professionals and thought leaders in fundraising. We hope you'll join us!


We invite you to explore our digital resource page — Using the Right Ruler: Measuring Results in Direct Mail — to learn how to successfully test, evaluate, and improve your direct mail strategy.

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