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Leveraging Social Media 101: Messaging to Trending

Posted by Amelia Burke-Garcia on 6/1/17 9:55 AM

Globally there are more than one billion people on Facebook and YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. In terms of U.S. users, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, as of August 2012, 69 percent of online adults in the USA use social networking sites.

Research shows that minorities use the popular social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, similarly to non-minority groups. In addition, while smartphone penetration is lower amongst minority populations, these groups are using advanced features on their basic mobile telephones to engage online. Some of these differences can be explained by the younger demographic age profile of ethnic minority groups.

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Segmenting Your Acquisition and Renewal Campaigns [New Resource]

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 5/16/17 2:13 PM

Many nonprofits are finding that their new donor acquisition campaigns are becoming more expensive and less effective in attracting new, reliable donors. By segmenting your data, your nonprofit can lower your costs while increasing campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

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The Four Main Components to Your Online Donation Form

Posted by Jarred Schremmer on 4/29/17 10:33 AM

As fundraisers, we spend most of our time focused on finding potential donors, sharing compelling content and stories, and giving donors reasons to give. We redesign our website to provide a clearer presentation of our organization, encouraging them to support us. We develop paid search and display ad campaigns that target potential donors to introduce them to our mission and to drive engagement. We send emails that provide spiritual encouragement, that deliver stories of life-change, and that ask for support.

Unfortunately, after all this effort, we frequently overlook the most important part, the final point of decision, the donation form.

A few years ago, I was having a conversation with a direct marketer who made the statement, “Does the donation form really matter that much? I mean, once they get to the donation form, they are going to make a gift. Right?”

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How To Optimize Your Digital Fundraising: 4 Quick Tips

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 4/20/17 12:32 PM

With the rise of the digital age, you now have access to cheaper analytics, better automation, and more ways to please your donors. To help you capitalize on these advances, we compiled 4 tips to help you optimize your digital fundraising channel.

TIP #1: Start A/B Testing

One of the great advantages of digital fundraising is how easy it is to test without a lot of added time or cost. Try testing two different versions of your donation page to see which results in the most conversions, i.e. donations.

“The optimal donation page varies from nonprofit to nonprofit, but the goal is to make the experience as convenient as possible for your donors so they're more likely to contribute. Consider this: 65% of nonprofits are still using an online donation form that requires three or more clicks to submit a donation.”

Pare down your donation page to make it as simple and easy as possible for site visitors to donate. Then try testing two versions by using one page for a period of time, and then trying the second version. Another easy way is to publish both pages at the same time and then split your website traffic equally between the two pages.

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The 4 Elements to Growing Your Email List Using Facebook Ads

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 4/11/17 2:56 PM

It’s the annual board meeting, and you announce that it’s time to take social media seriously. You look around to see everyone nodding in agreement. After a few months of discussion, the whole board is finally convinced that social media is an important part of the fundraising and communications strategy. As the discussion continues, someone suggests that you all should start using Facebook Ads and “boosting” to help reach new audiences.  

You share everyone’s excitement but you notice something — everyone is staring at you. The next thing you know, you are now in charge of “social media” for your organization and they want you to start using “Facebook Ads” to generate new contacts and start capturing more email addresses.

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