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[New Digital Resource] Real-Life Lessons in Multi-Channel Donor Acquisition

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 7/3/18 8:24 AM

Real Life Lessons in Multi Channel Donor Acquisition

There are many questions that come with figuring out how to grow your donor file through multiple channels, such as:

How can you grow your donor file to support the growing work your organization is doing?

How do you integrate across multiple channels to connect with potential donors?

At NCDC, we know that securing new donors is one of the biggest challenges fundraisers face, but you're in luck — we put together a digital resource designed to answer your questions about donor acquisition!

Our new digital resource page — Real-Life Lessons in Multi-Channel Donor Acquisition — explores three case studies from different organizations, their successful and unsuccessful tactics used in their campaigns, and the results that led them to securing new donors to support their missions. 

By exploring this resource, you will learn:

  • The importance of multi-channel integration for your donor acquisition campaigns
  • Tips on how to model your fundraising program
  • Lessons learned through trial and error by other organizations
  • How direct mail, digital media, and even telemarketing can ensure success
  • And much more!

We hope you’ll check out this free resource to better prepare for the next steps in reaching a wider audience and securing new donors.

Explore Real-Life Lessons in Multi-Channel Donor Acquisition today!

Real Like Lessons in Multi-Channel Donor Acquisition

Explore the Digital Resource

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