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How to Transform Your Organization with Content Marketing

Posted by Tony Fraga on 6/29/16 10:00 AM

We live in a world where digital content is being consumed and shared at a rate exponentially faster than traditional offline media. If you want an analogy to help you understand the growth rate of content marketing, I’ve got one for you: if traditional marketing is a race car, digital marketing is a rocket ship. No matter how fast your race car is, the rocket ship will take you where no car will be able to go.

It’s appropriate to think about content marketing as a transformation for your entire organization, and not just a transition for your advancement office. And if you don’t think it really matters, then consider the drastically different way people research and buy things today. According to the Pew Research Center, 86% of people consult the internet before making a purchase.

The power of the internet has enabled the average consumer to get instant answers to just about anything they want to know about, and this revolution is why the sheer quantity of content consumption presents such a challenge to most nonprofit organizations.

But here’s the good news about content marketing that your entire organization needs to understand:

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Getting Beyond the “Like” [Free Online Resource]

Posted by Sr. Georgette Lehmuth on 6/22/16 10:00 AM

That photo montage of Sister Mary Francis working in a garden with the Guatemalan orphans got over 300 likes on Facebook (in less than 24 hours)! Naturally, you quickly switch tabs to the crowdfunding website and check if participation in your Feed A Few campaign has skyrocketed, and… nothing. You’re only $15 closer to the goal than you were yesterday.

The Development Dilemma

It’s a real challenge to get beyond the “Like”. You find yourself wondering if nonprofits ever get real results from social media efforts on Facebook. Not to mention the added difficulty of being a Catholic development professional whose mission is less...jazzy?... than some other nonprofits out there.  Some of the predicaments you find yourself in are:
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