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4 Simple Tips To Improve Donor Retention and Engagement

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 2/15/17 2:41 PM

You just completed your new donor acquision campaign, and new donors are finally sending in their first gift. Now, after spending significant amounts of money acquiring these donors, you have to worry about their retention rates.

How can you get them to give a second gift?

How are you going to make sure they stay engaged?

To help your nonprofit excel in its mission, we compiled four simple tips that will help you engage your donors and keep them donating:

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Can Technology Help You Build Extraordinary Donor Relationships?

Posted by Leslie Biggins Mollsen on 2/10/17 9:05 AM

In this age of Twitter, Snapchat, Crowdsourcing, Facebook, etc., we need to keep our focus on the essentials of donor development: building relationships and strengthening stewardship opportunities with current and prospective donors. Vehicles to achieve these bedrock principles of development may come and go, but the principles will not change.  

As professional development people, we must always ask ourselves whether an advance in technology helps or hinders our efforts in knowing our donors and their deepest philanthropic interests better or whether we are spending our time and getting very little return on investment.

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5 Tips to Inspire Donor Generosity

Posted by Bonnie O. Meyer, CFRE on 1/23/17 10:41 AM

Let’s face it.  There’s nothing we can do to convince a stingy person to become generous.  It’s beyond our powers.  And thankfully, it’s not our job!

When we ask donors to fund worthwhile causes, we relate primarily to people who already have a tendency to be generous.  Our work involves connecting these generous individuals with missions and ministries they care about.

And yet.

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Tips to Use & Habits to Lose: Increasing Your Awareness

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 12/14/16 9:45 AM

We know every fundraiser wants to be aware of the most recent trends. So to help you, here are some tips to help increase your awareness and fundraising success:

Use it:

Strengthening the Social Economy.

“The social economy is, to put it simply, the space in which we produce and consume social good. Social good can be created by individual change-makers, by non-profits, by for-profit corporations and every organizational form in between. It’s all of our work to do good in the world.” With the philanthropic world rapidly changing, from new generations of donors to the way they are giving, one thing has remained constant: the importance of our missions and our role in our church. Achieving our own fundraising goals not only benefits our missions, but we become a larger change-maker in the world.

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6 Secrets to Rock Multi-Channel Integrated Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns

Posted by Claire Axelrad on 9/8/16 11:56 AM

This article includes 6 expert tips and best practices for any business, including a non-profit, wanting to run an integrated marketing campaign that generates more potential donors and raises more dollars.

Wait! What is an integrated marketing campaign?

An integrated marketing campaign is a marketing effort that uses a consistent message across traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. Ultimately all the messages should reinforce each other. Integrated marketing campaigns enable brands (yes, your nonprofit is a brand) to reach new audiences and gain mass exposure for their marketing promotions. Plus, in the information overload world in which we live, folks need to see your message multiple times before their brain will process it (Did you know that, on average, only 16% of Facebook fans will see what you share)?

There used to be a marketing “Rule of 7” stating that a prospect needs to hear the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service. Guess what?

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