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Introducing Our New Digital Resource — Donor-Advised Funds 101

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 2/22/19 8:32 AM

What are donor-advised funds and how can nonprofit organizations encourage donors to give through this tool?

Donor-advised funds (DAF) are a popular tool for charitable giving among many donors today. They offer donors an easy and secure way to invest and grow their money tax-free, and distribute it as they see fit to their favorite charities. It is imperative that charitable organizations learn to identify which of their donors hold these giving accounts, and discover how they can encourage them to make regular gifts using this tool.  

To learn more about how donor-advised funds work and how you can maximize the charitable donations that come from donors holding these accounts, explore our digital resource. 

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Writing for Seniors: Help Them Understand What You Are Trying to Say

Posted by John Jensen, CFP on 2/6/19 8:37 AM

Most donors to our organizations come through the mail. Direct mail donors are older. Simply put, direct mail is inherently a medium that attracts older donors. In my experience, the typical Catholic direct mail donor is in their mid-70s, with few under 60.

Older donors have issues that younger donors may not. As fundraisers, we need to write in a way that will be easily understood. It needs to be easy to digest and read. Read on to learn how you can quickly (and easily) do this.

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How to Make the Most of Your Digital Fundraising Program

Posted by Austin Nichols on 8/1/18 8:49 AM

You probably have a healthy digital program, but could it be doing more?

While not a new concept, many small organizations can be slow to adopt digital acquisitionYou may have a lot of questions about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of implementing digital acquisition strategy. This struggle is understandable, as maintaining a digital presence often seems overwhelming. But with some simple steps you can learn how to improve your digital fundraising operations and begin acquiring new donors.  

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How to Use the Power of the Phone in Your Fundraising Strategy

Posted by Juddee Milito and Erica Waasdorp on 7/24/18 8:43 AM

These days, there’s so much interest in new channels and the latest next “new shiny thing,” but did you know that there’s one medium you use everyday that has evolved tremendously over the past few years?

That medium (the one that you’re holding in your hand right now or the one that’s very nearby!) is the ultimate key to retaining your donors: it’s your phone!

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3 Ways to Improve Communications with Prospective Donors

Posted by Mark Loux on 7/20/18 11:04 AM

As technology continues to evolve and improve, the ability to connect and communicate with donors has continued in the same trajectory.

In 2018, we know more about prospective donors than ever before. We have more ways in which to communicate with prospective donors, and we know that it’s possible to communicate more personally with every single prospect.

So, why are nonprofits finding donor acquisition increasingly difficult and expensive? Well, I think there are three main reasons that it’s both difficult and costly to acquire new donors.

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