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How Donor Data, Media, and Payments May Change in the Coming Years – And How to Manage It

Posted by Larry May on 6/21/18 8:51 AM

For several years, my colleagues Jack Doyle, Lynn Edmonds, Geoff Peters, and I (now joined since 2017 by Dennis Meyer) have been honored to do a session on this topic at the annual NCDC conference.

I’m no soothsayer, but here are a few quick thoughts on what’s coming down the road:

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How Donors Respond to Your Emails: What Works and What You Should Be Doing Differently

Posted by Kristen Schultz Jaarda, JD, LLM on 11/1/17 1:30 PM

What are the best ways to increase email performance and response rates? How do colors and fonts impact readability? Does the date and time that emails are sent affect donor interest? Crescendo’s 2016 email study Experiments in Email Marketing: Principles of Effective Emails Based on A/B Testing sought to answer those questions and more.

The study used the scientific method known as "A/B testing" — sometimes called "split testing" or "bucket testing." Crescendo designed custom emails for six different charities to test how donors would respond. Each test involved two or more emails that were sent to segmented portions of a charity's email list and the emails were identical except for a single variable. For example, an email testing subject lines would have been identical in all respects except for using two different subject lines. This article will share some of the lessons learned about effective use of emails for donor engagement.

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Four Ways to Increase Online Giving Conversions

Posted by Nick Small on 8/16/17 9:22 AM

Building awareness and getting people familiar with your organization and cause is important — but to stay afloat, increase online giving conversions on your website to increase your bottom line and allow you to create a larger impact.

Online giving is responsible for about 7% of total fundraising revenue per year and grows at a rate of about 8% per year (which doesn’t include grants).

Consider these steps to increase your online giving conversions.

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The Four Main Components to Your Online Donation Form

Posted by Jarred Schremmer on 4/29/17 10:33 AM

As fundraisers, we spend most of our time focused on finding potential donors, sharing compelling content and stories, and giving donors reasons to give. We redesign our website to provide a clearer presentation of our organization, encouraging them to support us. We develop paid search and display ad campaigns that target potential donors to introduce them to our mission and to drive engagement. We send emails that provide spiritual encouragement, that deliver stories of life-change, and that ask for support.

Unfortunately, after all this effort, we frequently overlook the most important part, the final point of decision, the donation form.

A few years ago, I was having a conversation with a direct marketer who made the statement, “Does the donation form really matter that much? I mean, once they get to the donation form, they are going to make a gift. Right?”

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New eBook by NCDC: Turning Facebook Likes Into Donors and Dollars

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 4/6/17 10:33 AM


Are you wondering how you can turn your Facebook audience and fans into consistent, reliable donors? Are you looking at your Facebook likes and wondering why your donation numbers don't match up? 

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck,  because NCDC has designed an online-friendly, easy-to-read eBook that focuses on four key elements in turning Facebook fans into lifelong donors.

After reading this eBook, you should:

  • Learn how to turn your Facebook audience into consistent advocates for your nonprofit,

  • See the importance of integrating your social media strategy with your overall communications plan,

  • Understand the 4 Key Elements to Turning Facebook Fans Into Donors,

  • Have the ability to take the first step in revamping your nonprofit’s Facebook page.

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