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[New Resource!] Digital Donor Acquisition 101

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 4/23/19 12:47 PM

It's undeniable — the reach of digital spaces is rapidly growing. As a result, more and more fundraising professionals are connecting with prospective donors online. While developing a digital acquisition strategy can seem intimidating or overwhelming, there is no need to worry! With the number of tools available to fundraisers, setting up a simple plan of action is something everyone can (and should) do.

When talking about digital acquisition, there are five primary channels to consider. In our newest resource, we will lead you through each of these five channels, highlighting their capabilities and reach.

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Meet Your Donors In The Middle

Posted by Dawn M.S. Miller, CFRE on 4/8/19 11:25 AM

There are a lot of things to love about the middle.

The best part of an Oreo is the middle. Some of the most beautiful rolling hills are in the middle of the country. And mid-level donors — those generous folks in the middle of your direct mail donors and your major donors — are often among the most faithful givers. Three reasons to love the middle!

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Introducing Our New Digital Resource — Neurofundraising: Lessons in Major Gifts

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 11/5/18 8:31 AM


How did science and fundraising become intertwined?

What is Neurofundraising?

Neurofundraising stems from the scientific discipline of Neuroscience, which focuses on the structure and functions of the brain and nervous system. Understanding what drives human response impacts the decisions you make as a fundraiser. Through increased knowledge of human responses, fundraisers can learn more effective ways to engage donors.

For more information on a scientific approach to best relate to donor prospects and more charity fundraising ideas, we invite you to explore our new digital resource page!

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7 Reasons Donors Keep Giving (and Giving!)

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 9/12/18 9:36 AM

It's the million dollar question: What drives donor loyalty?

The topic of donor loyalty has been studied by numerous academics and consultants for many years. In his book Retention Fundraising: The New Art and Science of Keeping Your Donors for Life, Roger Craver published the results of a fascinating survey.

Craver had 250 nonprofits poll their current donors with the hopes of finding out why they had remained so loyal. Each donor was given a list of 32 reasons why they might keep donating to the organization, and they were asked to rank them by order of importance.

Let's take a look at some of Craver's findings.

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4 Tips for Reactivating Lapsed Donors (Or Not Losing Them in the First Place)

Posted by Juddee Milito on 8/13/18 8:13 AM

Let’s face it. You will probably never be 100 percent at retaining online donors.

Even with the best segmented and most-personalized donor communications and stewardship, you will probably lose donors at some point. And by the way, if a donor has not given in two years, the likelihood that they will give again is about 2 percent.

That said, let’s take a look at some tips to increase the likelihood of a lapsed donor resuming their giving plan.

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