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New eBook by NCDC: Turning Facebook Likes Into Donors and Dollars

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 4/6/17 10:33 AM


Are you wondering how you can turn your Facebook audience and fans into consistent, reliable donors? Are you looking at your Facebook likes and wondering why your donation numbers don't match up? 

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck,  because NCDC has designed an online-friendly, easy-to-read eBook that focuses on four key elements in turning Facebook fans into lifelong donors.

After reading this eBook, you should:

  • Learn how to turn your Facebook audience into consistent advocates for your nonprofit,

  • See the importance of integrating your social media strategy with your overall communications plan,

  • Understand the 4 Key Elements to Turning Facebook Fans Into Donors,

  • Have the ability to take the first step in revamping your nonprofit’s Facebook page.

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