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The Millennial Mystery: How to Attract and Retain Millennial Donors

Posted by Zach Busekrus on 3/7/19 3:29 PM

How often do you step back from your work as a Catholic fundraiser and ask yourself whether your efforts are resonating with your constituents in the ways they should? What do you think you’d find if you did?

I think we’d all encounter a gap of sorts. A gap between the work we aspire to do and the work we’re actually doing, between the results we’d like to see and the results we are really seeing — especially as these results pertain to attracting the next generations of supporters.

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Postal Changes That Will Affect Nonprofit Mailers

Posted by Stephen Kearney on 3/24/17 11:07 AM

Hey, Catholic fundraisers! I know you have a lot on your plate right now. In fact, you’re probably spinning several plates in the air. Congress and the new administration are looking at lowering charitable contribution limits. And they’re also considering lower marginal income tax rates, which would reduce the value of charitable deductions. Many nonprofits are still digging their way out of the fundraising hole the Great Recession of 2007-09 dropped them into. And our national turmoil is most likely diverting dollars away from religious causes and toward political controversy.

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In spite of all that, there is one more issue that we all need to put front and center! Changes regarding the way the U.S. Postal Service sets our postage rates. Reacting to many of the same factors that have affected nonprofits, the USPS is seeking much higher rates by eliminating the legal price cap it operates under. If you use mail for anything — fundraising, engaging supporters, spreading information, or distributing publications — you are in the USPS crosshairs.

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6 Tips On Approaching Direct Mail in Today’s Fundraising Landscape

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 3/15/17 1:38 PM

Although today’s fundraising landscape is constantly changing, you can still be successful with a well-thought-out direct mailing campaign.

Consider using these next six tips when developing your fundraising strategy.

Tip #1: Replenish Your Diminishing Donor List

One of the biggest advantages of direct mail is building your donor list. Once a donor gives via direct mail, they are more likely to give again.

“Direct mail lists are invaluable. People like mail, trust mail, and respond to mail. Acquiring lists (from reputable direct mail companies) is worthwhile. In the long run, these lists keep your non-profit going. Your house list will deplete over time, and you must replenish it to be able to support your non-profit.” [Sean Finnegan, Lawrence Direct, “Why Direct Mail is Still a Key Fundraising Technique”]

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Free eBook — 5 Ways to Engage Millennials & Raise More this Year

Posted by Sr. Georgette Lehmuth, OSF on 3/10/17 10:30 AM


Does your nonprofit need help communicating with millennials in a way that’s effective?

Are you interested in learning strategic ways of engaging with this younger generation?

If so, this eBook is for you.

Because here at NCDC, we know that millennials can be a challenging demographic to consistently reach and inspire.

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