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10 Ways to Energize Your Board

Posted by Debra Beck, Ed.D. on 9/14/16 10:00 AM

Below, I offer ten ways to deepen your board’s engagement and members’ motivation to lead.

Board Gifts

Take stock of the gifts your members already bring to the boardroom table. Make an effort to mine those previously unknown talents that could be called to service for the board and your agency. Take the time to appreciate those gifts, to show that they are valued and that they make a difference, on a regular basis. Use them as the foundation for building board capacity.

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Create a Nonprofit Culture of Shared Leadership in Your Organization

Posted by Sarah Marino on 8/17/16 10:10 AM

Many of us who grew up with the internet simply have a different way of looking at the world compared to previous generations.

Take access to information: the internet has democratized access to and dissemination of information in some very dramatic ways since the early 1990s. These different views spill over into the workplace, especially in terms of expectations around access to information, transparency, communication and decision-making. Within many nonprofits, leadership structures are lagging behind these shifts through the continued embrace of hierarchy, creating challenges for established leaders, younger employees and everyone else in between.

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Tips to Use and Habits to Lose: 3 Signs of Resistance

Posted by National Catholic Development Conference on 5/17/16 3:34 PM

In her book, Spiritlinking Leadership noted clinical psychologist, Dr. Donna Markham, OP, encourages leaders to recognize manifestations of resistance. She then offers strategies for leaders to work through resistance. Here are three signs of resistance, which Dr. Markham identified.

Lose It!


Projection is attributing something unwanted to another. Often circumstances or situations beyond one’s control are blamed for things. In mission development efforts, this can be manifested by

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