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How to Conduct Better Interviews

Posted by Vanessa Chase Lockshin on 9/28/16 10:00 AM

Whenever I have asked non-profit professionals what the most challenging part of storytelling is, people consistently tell me that it’s is finding stories to tell. Not only does there need to be some organizational collaboration when it comes to finding stories to tell, you also have to interview people for their stories. The latter part often proves to be the most challenging and understandably so.

Over on Twitter, Jenn – a development officer – asked me a great question about interviewing people for their story. Here is Jenn’s question: “Interviewing clients seems to always be a struggle for me. I’m never sure what to say and I don’t feel like I get the right information to be able to use the story in fundraising. What can I do to improve my interviews and get the information I need?”

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