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Understanding and Retaining Your Donors in an "Experience Economy"

Posted by Kn Moy on 10/12/18 8:34 AM

Few things impact fundraising results as much as the changing attitudes and behaviors of donors as our nation’s economy evolves.

Today’s donors aren’t the same donors of the last century when direct mail fundraising success rates peaked. Just how much donors and their behaviors have changed over the past 50 years can be easily recapitulated in the evolution of the morning cup of coffee for America’s consumers.

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How to Use the Power of the Phone in Your Fundraising Strategy

Posted by Juddee Milito and Erica Waasdorp on 7/24/18 8:43 AM

These days, there’s so much interest in new channels and the latest next “new shiny thing,” but did you know that there’s one medium you use everyday that has evolved tremendously over the past few years?

That medium (the one that you’re holding in your hand right now or the one that’s very nearby!) is the ultimate key to retaining your donors: it’s your phone!

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Donor-Advised Funds: My View as a Fundraiser AND a Donor

Posted by Jack Doyle on 7/16/18 9:56 AM

What are donor-advised funds (DAF)? 

Well. Donor-advised funds are a popular choice for donors to give to their favorite charities. Tax deductions can be taken as soon as a donor puts money into a DAF, and the fund can grow until the donor decides where the money should go.

Since February, I’ve been tracking the donor stewardship practices of 16 of the top 25 charities for Fidelity Charitable donors. I sent in my own $100 grants via my Fidelity Charitable account and have been tracking what kind of acknowledgements I receive, as well as follow up communications. (None of these organizations are NCDC members.)

Here’s a quick breakdown of my expectations and my observations.

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Adjust, Adapt, Advance: How and Why Nonprofits Should Embrace Innovation

Posted by Chad McEachern and Susan Raymond, Ph.D. on 7/9/18 9:47 AM

Nonprofits that are successful are successful for a reason.

Sometimes it’s affiliation with the rich and famous. Sometimes it’s nostalgia. Sometimes it’s luck. But most times, it’s because nonprofits are good at what they do and are good at communicating that to those who fund them.

Time, however, can erode this equation. Times change. Needs change. People change. Nonprofits are often not good at change. They are good at what they do, and usually, that is what they have done for some time. The problem is that the world is, in fact changing, and donors are, in fact, changing. This presents not two problems, but three problems:

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